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Saint Louis Groomfest – Saint Louis, Missouri

April 28, 2023 @ 11:00 am - April 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Hands On Creative fun with Angela Kumpe! Friday Afternoon 2pm-6pm

Hands On Creative fun with Angela Kumpe! Friday Afternoon 

Doodle My Poodle!- Lisa Leady

Putting an adorable and fun teddy bear trim or “doodle trim” on a  Standard Poodle. Give them some character and have fun!

Getting Creative with your clients and charging for it! -Angela Kumpe

   Lets talk about getting clients on board with creative grooming and how to charge accordingly for creative grooming services.

It’s All in the Shears! -Nick Sklar

Explore the different options, care, fit, maintence and quality of shears and why it matters to you and your pocket book.

Adding Creative Touches in the Salon- Alyssa Kasiba

Take a look at all the super simple and not so simple ways to add color and glam to your everyday grooms.

Big Beautiful Standard Poodle! – Surprise Speaker

Turn your regular pet trim into something beautiful with some flare and balance.  The modern and German Trims. They will go over the poodle secrets and how to achieve an amazing finish on poodles in the salon. 

Dream in Blue Print part 1of4- Misty Gieczys

Start with a Name and now what? Let’s ride that thought train and design a logo with a splash of eye popping color. How do you want to layout your salon to maximize your space.  We’ll go over things you might have overlooked when thinking of what you need in your space. Don’t forget about your Business Plan, it’s one of the most important documents you will put together for your business.

He’s just a little bit Naughty- Lisa Leady

Learn some stress and finger saving techniques and methods to deal with those spicy and fearful dogs on your table.

Make it Add UP part 2 of 4-Misty Gieczys

Money makes the world go round, same goes with your business. How do you get the money to open your salon? How do I figure out what the best price for my services are? We will go over the break even point, how much to pay employees, and everyone’s favorite: bookkeeping.

Time Saving Tips- Tiana Amos

Get the secrets for time management, tools and techniques to speed up your grooms and make your day more efficient. 

Mobile Biz 101- Cassanda Eye

Get the inside scoop on starting, purchasing used vs new vans, equipment  and maintaining a successful mobile grooming business.

Terrific Terriers- Lisa Leady

Get the scoop on perfecting those brick shape heads, blending those pet patterns and saving your fingers! She will also touch on Hand stripping and proper coat care.

All in the Prep! – Lis Johnson

Getting those perfect faces and smooth scissor finish starts with proper prep! From the products you use to the drying techniques she will share her prep secrets!

Run it Sleekly – Misty Gieczys

Shoestring budget is all you have then great we’ll show you how to pinch those pennies for the marketing of your salon. What are ways you can have an online presence without breaking the piggy bank.

Asian Fusion Faces- Angela Kumpe

Angela will take you thru perfecting those adorable round muzzles and putting those unique adorable shapes on your clients.

Proper Blade Maint and Clipper Care- Nick Sklar

Learn how to make your tools last longer and save yourself time and money caring for your expensive equipment. 

Blow Your Clients Away! – Alyssa Kasiba

Alyssa will take you thru using blow pens and airbrush techniques to take your creative grooms to the next level.

Grow it respectably part 4 of 4- Misty Gieczys

What are the ins and outs of hiring or firing someone. When and where to go search for staff members and all the “FUN” paperwork that you will need to be compliant with the government.

Introduction to Canine Massage Therapy- Alyson Snelling

Take a look at this amazing service and how it can dramatically affect you and the pets you care for in a very positive way.

Creative Carving- Angela Kumpe

Learn how to turn fur into a work of art. Simple and fun techniques to learn and share with your clients.

What in the Doodle?! – Lisa Leady

Love them or loath them they are a huge part of most salons now adays. Navigate these fun trims and how to deal with the influx of these hairy high maintenance clients,

Stripping Groove- Misty Gieczys

Want to add Hand Stripping service to your grooming salon? Will be teaching the basics on how to strip and terrier and other breeds to get that leg up. Let’s bring that color and shine back to the coat not to mention more green in your pocket.

Step away from your dog.- Tiana Amos

How to see the beauty in your grooms and follow breed standards and put them on the dog in front of you in a balanced trim.

Show Schedule for 2023 Show:


8:30 Poodle Contest Start

8:30-10:30 Doodle my Poodle-Lisa Leady

8:30-10:00 Getting creative with your clients and charging for it- Angela Kumpe

10:00-11:30 It’s all in the Shears, Winning Edge- Nick Sklar

10:30-12:30 Adding creative touches in the salon- Alyssa Kasiba

11:30-1:30 Big Beautiful Standard Poodle- Lis Johnson

11:15-11:30 AWARDS

12:00 AOPB/Wire coats Contest Start

12:30-1:30 Dream in Blue Print part 1 of 4- Misty Gieczys

12:30-1:30 He’s just a little bit naughty- Lisa Leady


3:00-4:30 Make it Add Up part 2 of 4- Misty Gieczys

3:00-4:00 Time Saving tips-Tiana Walters

3:00-4:00 Mobile Business 101- Cassandra

4:00 Salon Creative Contest

5:00 Abstract Runway design

6:00 Bark BBQ Party! Smock/Apron Contest


8:30 Salon Freestyle/Sporting Contest Start

8:30-10 Terrific Terriers!- Lisa Leady

8:30-10 All in the prep!- Lis Johnson

8:30-10 Run it Sleekly part 3 of 4- Misty Gieczys

11:30 AWARDS

10:30-12:00 Asian fusion faces-Angela Kumpe

10:30-12:00 Proper Blade Maintenance and Clipper Care- Nick Sklar

10:00-11:00 Blow your clients away! -Alyssa Kasiba

12:00 Rescue Dog Makeover Starts

12:30-1:30 Grow respectably part 4 of 4- Misty Gieczys

12:00-1:30 Introduction to Canine Massage Therapy- Alyson 

1:00-2:30 Creative carving- Angela Kumpe



3:00-4:30 What In the Doodle? -Lisa Leady

3:00-4:00 Stripping Groove- Misty Gieczys

3:00-4:30 Step away from your dog! -Tiana Walters

4:00 Creative Setups

4:30 Creative Awards 




Ramada Inn Wentzville

Holiday Inn Wentzville

Economy Inn Wentzville




April 28, 2023 @ 11:00 am
April 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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St. Louis Groomfest
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